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Date:  20-Apr-2018 to 22-Apr-2018
Location: Weert, Belgium.

Calam is a FREE larp, that is only open for members of Arrowhead Events vzw
What follows are the current membership fees.

Honorary membership:
65 EUR

Regular membership:
40 EUR (students get 5 euro discount)

Honorary members can either participate as a PLAYER or an NPC.
Regular members can only participate as an NPC.

At the event we will foresee the following:

  • game area
  • metal coins
  • food for the NPC's
  • snacks (dry sausages, fruit, nuts, ...) for everyone
  • drinks for all participants
Beware: players will need to bring own IC tents along to sleep in AND they'll need to bring their own food and IC cooking gear along.

Legal fine print
By participating you agree to follow our game rules, costume&props standard and our code of conduct.
You also acknowledgde the following:

  • at the start of Calam event you are at least 16 years of age.
  • you have a "family" insurance (NL: familiale verzekering).
  • Arrowhead Events vzw has the right to deny you entrance if your costume does not fit our minimum standards.
  • Arrowhead Events vzw has the right to put you out of the game because of cheating or improper behaviour (i.e. not following the code of conduct) without getting a refund.
  • you have minimal knowledge of the Belgian Law and EU law (i.e. no alcohol under 16, no strong liquor under 18, no smoking under 16, no smoking indoors, no use of illegal drugs, ...)
  • Calam is a larp where people will hit each other with foam weapons, this might cause minor bruises. The general rule is that if a bruise is gone 2 weeks after the event nobody hit to hard.
  • all weapons, shields and arrows can be checked before the game starts, unsafe weapons will be confiscated for the duration of the event. All approved weapons will be marked. Everyone who tries to smuggle unsafe weapons in the game will be removed from the game (without refund) when caught (please don't try it).
  • Arrowhead Events vzw can not be hold liable for theft of property nor for damages to your private properties.
If you agree with all the above then you may continue to our subscription form.
Design by Nico Van Aerde & Jeremy Naus
Programming by Koen Rutten