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Calam is supported by the following partners

GOLD partner

BRONZE partners


Buying stuff

  • Oberonn, the King of Larp shops in Belgium (Gold Partner).
  • QVist outdoor cooking, the Dutch Oven is excellent for IC cooking on campfire. (Bronze Partner, participants get 10% off iron cast items))
  • Fantasy Design, new shop with high quality larp costumes and gear. (Bronze Partner, participants get 20% off if they order between 500 and 1000 euro. And 25% off if they order for 1000 euro or more).
  • Dream live,great Larp shop in Brussels.
  • Re-enactment Supplies, various stuff, not expensive
  • Historische Schuhe, German shop with afforable medieval/larp shoes.
  • Drachenschmiede, German shop with affordable medieval/larp shoes.
  • Zwaard en Volk, has good stuff, also shoes.
  • Medieval design, lot's of stuff, including affordable underwear.

Making stuff

  • Midgard Basic Clothing Standards, excellent resource on making all kind of things yourself, even shoes are explained.
  • Breechcloth, native American underwear, quick and easy for the Barbarians and the Orcs.
  • Dragonbane Costumes, great resource on making stuff yourself. The Dragontamer costumes are great to start out for the Calam adventurer or Barbarian.
Larp weapons
  • The DIY Guide to LRP., great DIY site, with good info, however some links on it are out-dated.
  • Second Skin Arrow Guide, explains how to make safe Larp arrows.
    Remark: in the last step in making the arrow foam head you will need to use "a 50mm square of upholstery/sponge foam, about 40mm thick" (instead of 10mm they claim)!
Cooking Benches/chairs Tents Chests Tables IC Storytelling
The following links go to pages that have storytelling info. Storytelling will be a part of Calam as it's a means of entertaining people. On these pages you will find stories to tell (you will need to adapt them to fit the game background), hints on how to the tell stories and examples on how to do it. We look forward to hearing all kinds of stories at Calam. Miscelanous
Design by Nico Van Aerde & Jeremy Naus
Programming by Koen Rutten