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“Just following this guideline will by itself already make Calam a success.”


This guideline is not here to make our participants life difficult. But they are here for one goal: allow everybody to have a great experience at Calam.
We know from personal experience that when everything you see looks real, you will enjoy the game a lot more and you will find it much more easier to stay in character.
We really believe that just following this guideline will by itself already make Calam a success (if everybody follows it of course ).
Some guidelines are also for your personal safety, as some of us speak from personal experience.

When making or buying your costume always try to take care that the costume is made with natural fabric, the main reason is that natural fabric is less likely to melt/catch fire when sitting close to a campfire (campfires will be common at the game area). Natural fabric will fit our game world (early middle ages) much better as well. Also bear in mind that bright colors were rare in that time period. Dark browns and leather should set the tone; while bright colors should actually be reserved for those who could afford them: people of rank (nobility, priests, war chiefs, shamans,...)
Remark: we speak from personal experience that synthetic fabric can (and will) melt, when you are close to a campfire (been there, done that, learned the lesson the hard way).

Your costume is not only a cloak and a shirt, your trousers/skirt and shoes are also part of your costume. To enhance the realism of your experience we ask that trousers/skirts and shoes match the game setting. NO sneakers are allowed. All clothing should look ingame, so use ground colours, black, leather and so on.
The key sentence is: It must LOOK real, not BE real.
In our links section we have provided links to some basic patterns for costumes.
You will also notice underwear designs, this is NOT an obligation, but only for those who want the real thing as close as possible (if you do make them you'll be able to re-use them in most larps).
Remark: when making your costume, you can try to give it an aged look. I.e. normally a costume has been used a lot so it will have wear and tear. Making a tear in a costume and then mending it visibly adds to the realism of it.

Shoes have always been a big problem in larps. I still remember going to events to see modern day running shoes.
We understand that some people need good sturdy shoes for medical reasons (bad back, special shape of foot, ...). That's why we do not (yet) oblige the use of medieval type of shoes. Good common sense is used in choosing your modern day shoes if you don't have fitting larp-shoes. If in doubt, contact us.
But we do ask kindly that everybody at least tries to do something about the shoes they will wear at Calam.
These days there are plenty of shops selling good larp-shoes from as cheap as 34.90 euro (see our links). Spending a bit of money on larp shoes is a great investment as you will be able to use them in ALL larps.
One way to disguise modern shoes is to use leather or fabric and warp it around them to give them an IC look. Here's a link to what we mean with altering modern shoes to look IC: LINK

Character gear
In most Belgian Larps your gear (especially eating gear) can contain modern elements, not so in Calam. No aluminum camping dishes or such will be allowed, wooden bowl/dishes will be the standard. Your fork, knife and spoon must also match the atmosphere. Any bags your character carries must fit the game area. If you think it's to modern then please don't bring it along.
As always, when in doubt contact us, we are not evil .

Tents and sleeping gear
Out of Character (OOC) tents are no longer allowed at Calam, but we will provide a limited number of IC tents for those who have none.
When sleeping in an in-character accessible tent please make sure to not use modern sleeping gear. Use sheets, blankets, skins, ... that match the setting, so no visible modern 'sleeping-bags' are allowed in the IC tents. Blankets are a perfect and cheap way to cover modern stuff in a tent.
Remark: it's perfectly OK to sleep in a modern sleeping bag as long as nobody can see it (i.e. you pull a blanket of it)

There won't be any form of electricity at the event.

To enhance the real feel of the event, participants will be cooking for themselves.
In order to make certain that all the food looks IC we will provide all the ingredients for cooking (this is included in the participation fee).
It's still possible to bring your own food along, BUT please make sure that it will look IC => no milk cartons please.
For cooking we will ask you to adjust your cooking & eating gear to our standards:

  • Cooking is done over an open fire, not on a gass-powered camping fire. We will provide fire-wood/charcoal for this.
  • Only cook using firepits made by the organisation. DO NOT make your own firepit!
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the food at Calam.

In order to keep the game area free of cigarette left-overs we will only allow self-rolled cigarettes (i.e. no filter), cigars or pipes.
Also take care to put your self-rolled cigarettes or cigars in an in-character box/bag, the same goes for your pipe tobacco.
Lighters that are IC looking are allowed. When using matches try to disguise your matches box appropriately or use flint and tinder.
Take care to not carelessly throw away your cigarettes, cigars, pipe-leftover! We don't want a forest fire! The best place to throw it away is in the fireplace.

Wood for fire
Wood for the fire will be provided by the organizers as will be people to show you how to build a proper and safe outdoors-fire.

Besides your latex weapons/shields and prosthetics, nothing else will be allowed to be made out of latex. This excludes the use amongst others of latex armor, latex shoes, ...

Drinks will be provided by the organisation (and is included in your participation fee).
You may of course bring along your own drinks, but then take care that your bottle looks fitting for the game setting. (i.e. NO beer cans and the like)
Don't forget a tankard to drink from as we only have a limited number of those availble to drink from.

Each person will have to deposit a warranty of 20 euro before coming to the game area. This amount will be returned upon leaving the site, but ONLY if the campsite of the group is clean of any garbage. If the group site is not clean, the warranty will not be returned.
The organizers will provide in-character containers for dumping your waste in, so please keep the site clean!

Design by Nico Van Aerde & Jeremy Naus
Programming by Koen Rutten