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“We want people to enjoy to game through roleplay, not via the on-paper skills they have.”



General questions

Q: Is Calam a Larp for the elite Larpers?
A: No, not really. While we acknowledge that Calam has some higher standards than your regular Larp, we want to emphasis that we are not an elitist Larp. Our larping experience has taught us that higher standards automatically lead to a better atmosphere and subsequential a better Larp. That is the main reason why we've set the rules we now have. We want Calam to be a Larp that is unlike any other Belgian Larp and a such we acknowledge that we have different rules and standards.

Q: Will Calam have a scenario?
A: Yes, we've listened carefully to all the feedback we've received after Calam I. This feedback made us aware of the reasons why Calam I failed in regard of drawing the people into the world and into the game. To solve this we have altered our approach for Calam II and one of these is the addition of scenario's. This does not mean that you have to act on scenario's, but it does mean that for those who want it there will be something to do. We will also better guide our participants before the game starts so that they can start the game with a head start (i.e. the fate-play discussed on our forum will be used).

Q: What does IC and OOC mean?
A: IC stands for In Character, this means everything that is a part of the world in which the Larp takes place. When we say "an IC tent" we mean a tent that looks medieval.
OOC stands for Out Of Character, this means everything that is part of the modern world. An "OOC tent" is a modern tent that does not look medieval. OOC talk is e.g. talk about modern day live.

Q: If there are no skills, how can I evolve my character?
A: A character can evolve in Calam larp through role-play and actions. Through role-play you yourself can make your character more important. Actions that you undertake between events can help you, e.g. if you are a craftsman you can make things between events. If you specialise yourself in making boats people will realise that if they need a boat, they need you. Over time you will be able to learn to make special types of boats, thus evolving. The same goes for the other careers.

Q: Why are there no skills?
A: The less rules there are the less chance of cheating. Skills make a game complex and we want to remove that complexity from the game. We want people to enjoy to game through roleplay, not via the 'on-paper-skills' they have.

Q: What should I do if I want to have skills?
A: If you want skills, you can bring them to the event, we encourage people who demonstrate their crafts/skills during our events. Do you know how to make authentic leather shoes? Or you like to bake bread? Are you very sneaky? Those are real life skills that can be imported without needing to have an 'on-paper-skill-list'.

Q: Will you really remove cheaters from the game upon caught cheating?
A: Yes! [EVIL MODE]We believe that cheaters are pathetic losers and we don't want them at our games.[/EVIL MODE] We give plenty of warning in advance, that anybody caught cheating will immediately be removed from that game, without getting a refund. There will be no extra warnings! Cheaters spoil the game of those who play it fair. They need to know what the risk is of cheating.

Q: What must I do in an emergency?
A: First go to the First Aid post, they will help you out. If the emergency is still not solved contact the gamemasters at the HQ tent.

Q: What must I do if I know somebody is cheating?
A: Don't let cheaters spoil your game. Start by ignoring that person (but do react on actions he/she takes). If that person tries to talk to you, ignore him/her. Cheaters need to feel themselves isolated because of their cheating. You can also come to the HQ tent to discretely tell us that you suspect there is a cheater. But above all: keep on roleplaying! Don't let it get to your game.

Q: I have a pre-made character in a pre-made group from another larp, can this character/group participate in this way in Calam?
A: you can, but only if you adapt your background for Calam to fit our vision and our world. We make great effort to give you an extensive world, so we don't want it ruined by a pre-made character/group that won't adapt to this world. This include amongst others: adapting your belief to our the beliefs of Calam, changing symbols on costumes, ...
When in doubt contact us and we will gladly help you out.

Q: What is a bag marked with the 'off-game' rune?
A: This is the one item within the in-game area that is out of game and off-limits. This bag is where you would keep such things as necessary medications, personal hygiene products and anything else a person truly cannot live without for the time of the game. This bag should be a small pouch or bag, not a large backpack or box. No in-game items may be stored in the off-game bag at all. No participants are allowed to search through another persons off-game bag, only game officials may ask to open the bag for inspection. This bag must look in-game.
Remark: You may also put this rune on items inside your IC tent. In this case it may be put upon a big chest. Putting this rune on a piece of cloth and hanging it on your IC tent will make the whole tent off-limits. Please do not store in-game items in an off-limits IC tent.

Q: What does the off-game rune look like?

Costume questions

Q: How real must my costume be?
A: As real as possible! Your costume will be found OK if it fits in a movie like The Lord of the Rings. This means that jeans are not allowed. Sportsclothing is not allowed. Also, a costume is not everything above the waist. A costume starts with the feet and ends at the head. But we do allow some slack: black/dark brown walking shoes are allowed (as long as you cover them up!), black pants that are not medieval looking are allowed as long as they are completely black and don't have e.g. white stripes in it. Above all: don't use anything that looks too modern. A t-shirt that is visible is a bad thing! In our costumes section we show costumes that are OK and those that aren't. Also don't use fabric that is too modern. e.g. fabric used for sportclothes are NOT ok.

Q: What must I do if I don't want to follow the strict costume rules?
A: Everything considered our costume rules are not that harsh. We just ask that people do something about their shoes and pants. For the rest a normal Belgian Larp costume already fits perfectly for Calam people. So if you don't want to follow the costume rules then Calam is most probably not the larp for you!

Cooking questions

Q: Must I cook IC?
A: No, you can always have friends cooking for you. We will provide only the ingredients, you (or your friends who'll do the cooking) will need to provide the cooking pot, etc.
As always everything you bring along for cooking must look fitting to the game.

Q: Will the ingredients include meat?
A: Yes, we will provide everything needed to cook for the whole weekend, including meat and herbs. Of course it's possible to bring yourself some ingridients and herbs, but best check with us first in what is ok to bring, as we don't want pizza and the like :-).

Q: What are the ingredients?
A: Go to the forum

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