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“Larp is not about 'winning' the game.”

Code of conduct

In order to make Calam the event we all dream of, we have created this code of conduct for everyone to follow. They're not here to command you around, but just to make the event as perfect as possible as we have envisioned it.

  1. We expect you to behave like responsible people and do your best to enhance the game atmosphere.
  2. We expect everybody to play it fair. Anyone caught cheating will be removed from the game (without getting a refund). If we catch the same person cheating again in a future event he/she will be banned from ever participating again.
  3. Larp is not about 'winning' the game, it's about playing your character realistically.
  4. Calam is not a larp focused on fighting, if you want fighting and nothing else please don't participate, as Calam will most probably not be the larp for you.
  5. Calam sets standards, please do your best to follow them. If in doubt contact us.
  6. Try not complain about OOC stuff to other participants during the game. Do it after the event or at the game HQ.
  7. Illegal drugs are not allowed in the game, people caught with illegal drugs will be removed from the game.
  8. Smoking is ONLY allowed around firepits (filter/modern sigarettes are forbidden).
  9. When you are removed from the game, for breaking our Code of Conduct or the Belgian law, NO refund is given.
  10. Belgian law dictates amongst others: that beer, wine and liquor are forbidden under the age of 16, but also that 'strong liquor' (everything stronger then > 15) is still forbidden under the age of 18.
  11. By participating you agree with our code of conduct and that you have knowledge of the Belgian Laws and will respect it.
Design by Nico Van Aerde & Jeremy Naus
Programming by Koen Rutten