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“Yonrick was a farmboy, but he was so brave.

Caught by the Barbarians and made their slave.”


At a larp like Calam music will have to be done in an authentic way. No amplified music is allowed.
Furthermore will the instruments have to be made out of wood and not look to modern (e.g. a brown wooden melodeon is ok, but as soon as it's too modern looking it will be not allowed). Accoustic guitars are ok.

We will also provide music samples for each faction. That way giving each faction their own cultural differences.

Barbarian music:

  • a simple barbarian balad melody (created and performed by Jeremy Naus)
Calam music: Mountainfolk music:
  • A Mountainfolk lament song (created by Toon Van Mierlo and performed by Kristof Lambregts)
  • A Mountainfolk tune (author unknown, performed by Kristof Lambregts)
Design by Nico Van Aerde & Jeremy Naus
Programming by Koen Rutten