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Daily life

Nobility and ranks

The following ranks of nobility exist in the Kingdom of Calam (sorted in Order of importance):

  • King/Queen: the supreme ruler of the Kingdom
  • Prince/Princess: child of the King/Queen
  • Archduke/Archduchess: rules the Royal District in name of the king, right hand of the King/Queen
  • Duke/Duchess: rulee of one of the four Duchies.
  • Marquis/Marquise: rules a province in a Duchy
  • Earl/Count/Countess: rules a couple of cities in a province
  • Baron/Baroness: rules some villages and maximum one city in a province
  • Esquire: noble title, holds no land, mostly part of the court of a higher noble.


The Tale of Yonrick

Over the centuries the legend of the First King of Calam spawned a whole list of stories. These stories are told around campfires to children and even resulted in songs.

In short the story tells about how Yonrick, on the brink of adulthood, was abducted by Barbarians and made their slave. When no help came to save him, he managed to free himself and the other slaves. To escape his pursuers they fled into the Demon Wood. After they came back out of the forest (full of wounds, haunted looks on their face and some people missing) they arrived in the place that is now called Calam. Where now lies the Royal District Yonrick established Yorktown.

Fact in the fiction
It is believed by scholars that the Calam originally came from the far southern parts of the land, beyond the land now held by the Barbarians and the Orcs. But due to the fact that the Barbarians and the Orcs are between Calam and the southern lands nobody was able to verify this believe.


George couldn't believe what he saw. A couple of Hander militia dragged an old man out of his own house while his daughter cried for mercy. It was as Duke Patrick said, the King was losing his mind. The old man would be locked away, just because he refused to follow the 'light' of Hander. Well, it was time to learn those Handerians that their law held no value this close to Gaerwood. And with those thoughts George drew his sword.

Church of Hander

Harald just couldn't believe why some people kept thinking that the Spirits would keep them save. Hadn't they learned anything from history? If Calam stayed with the spirits their cultural progress would halt and stoop down to the level of the Barbarians. Thanks to Hander the people could build great cathedrals and cities. Harald hated to use violence to make them see the truth of Hander but the Spirits were cunning. To save the people from their oppresion he would have to be like a stern father and use punishments to bring these unknowing children to the right path.

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