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Please be sure to check our guidelines before making or buying costumes. They tell you what is allowed and what not.

The Humans of Calam live in a 'civilised' medieval world. They have nobility with nice silk clothes, but most people just have cotton clothes.
Leather is for Calam people with money or the soldiers/hunters.
Most people will wear the typical medieval shirt over a good pair or trousers.

Cloaks are made out of cotton, animal skins is for the really poor/barbaric people.

Calam people mostly wear the medieval type of shoes, a hunter might have shoes like the Barbarians, while the higher class will wear good leather boots.

Costumes per Duchy

Oaksdale: The typical costumes are those of the English in the Middle Ages. They also use the typical English names like George, John, Richard, Rose, Elisabeth, ...

Gaerwood: The typical costumes are those of the rest of Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Typical names are German with a mix of French and Dutch names. For example: Dieter, Jean, Mark, Claude, Josephine, Marjolein, ...

Leikland: Think Scandinavian and the clothes of Rohan in the Lord of the Rings movies. They also use the typical Scandinavian names with the surnames linked to their father/mother: Marek Hansson, Timo Leifson, Heike Sigridstottir, Ulla Gretastottir, ...

Rocksend: Think Venetian Renaissance costumes. Itialian and French names are normal here: Gerardo, Leonardo, Caterina, Donna, ...

Soldiers in the army of the King can wear chainmail or plate, besides them only nobility wears metal armor. Hunters have leather armor.

For the people of Calam it must foremost look nice, usefulness comes only second.

Ranks in the army
The following ranks exist in the armies of the Kingdom:

  • corporal: 1 golden circle
  • sergeant: 2 golden circles
  • lieutenant: 1 golden circle with horizontal line under
  • captain: 2 golden circles with horizontal line under
  • marshal: 3 golden circles with horizontal line under
  • knight-captain: 4 golden circles with horizontal line under
  • knight-marshal: 5 golden circles with horizontal line under
  • king: golden crown
Remark: these ranks exist in each Duchy. While the King's Guard knows the same ranks they are considered to be at least a Knight-Captain when among other Guards. So a sergeant of the King's Guard can order a marshal of the Oaksdale Guard.

Below is a scetch of the Official Guard uniforms.
The first scetch is of the Officer's uniforms, besides a nicers uniform (when compared with a soldier) they display the coat of arms of their liege.
Soldiers (=rank of sergeant and below) of the Guard wear a tabard using the same colours, but no coat of arms.
Note that the King and his relatives have Gold (yellow) in their colours. So from the below scetches you can clearly see that the Dukes of Oaksdale and Rocksend are relatives of the King.
Click on the image for a larger size.

Officers Soldiers
Design by Nico Van Aerde & Jeremy Naus
Programming by Koen Rutten