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All the latest info on Calam will come here.


1st of March 2018

  • Booking for "Calam XVII - And Audience with a King" has been opened!

27th of August 2017

  • Booking for "Calam XVI - Bubby McCheesey" has been opened!

5th of July 2017

  • Booking for "Calam XV - A New Hope" has been opened!

23rd of March 2015

  • Booking for "Calam XII - Civil War" has been opened!

15th of September 2014

16th of May 2014

  • Booking for "Calam X - Behind enemy lines" have been opened!

20th of November 2013

24th of June 2013

  • Booking for "Calam VIII - The Hunt" have been opened!

13th of February 2013

  • Booking for "Calam VII - Beltane" have been opened!

13th of November 2012

  • Booking for "Calam VI.V - A day in the Royal District" have been opened!

28th of July 2012

  • Booking for Calam VI-CONCILIO have been opened!
  • Gallery in Media section has been updated.

22nd of November 2011

  • Booking for Calam V have been opened!

16th of August 2011

  • Website has been refreshed. Make sure to check the World document in The World => Setting!

17th of February 2011

  • Subscriptions for Calam IV have been opened!

13th of September 2010

Here you'll find the latest news of Calam.

21st of June 2010

  • the Calam website is now taking subscriptions for Calam III. Calam III will take place in Houffalize, Belgium in the weekend of 24-26th of September 2010.

24th of August 2009

11th of August 2009

  • Military ranks have been added to the costumes of Calam
  • Nobility ranking has been added. A player starting as Nobility can start as a Baron/Baroness. Of course depending on their background they may start higher or lower.

4th of August 2009

  • Guidelines has been clarified a bit. Especially the part of shoes has been updated. Be sure to read it.
  • Faq has been updated. Mostly rewriting of stuff + addition of adding off-game rune to a tent or a big chest.
  • Code of Conduct has cleaned-up.

22nd of July 2009

  • Gamesystem has been updated with careers, potions, ...

17th of July 2009

16th of July 2009

25th of February 2009

  • the Calam website is now taking subscriptions for Calam II - Dawn. Calam II will take place in Houffalize, Belgium in the weekend of 25-27th of September 2009.

2nd of July 2008

  • added the symbol of Hander to the Calam Daily life

26th of June 2008

  • updated Parner deal of Fantasy Design: participants get 20% off if they order between 500 and 1000 euro. And 25% off if they order for 1000 euro or more

25th of June 2008

  • added our partners to the links page, please check them out

19th of June 2008

  • added new pictures to gallery
  • added new tunes to music section

11th of June 2008

  • uploaded a general trailer of Calam

10th of June 2008

  • clicking on the header brings you back to the main page

9th of June 2008

  • Ingame calendar added to setting
  • heraldry symbols added to geography

8th of June 2008

  • added new pictures to the gallery
  • added the news section
  • fixed error in subscription page

6th of June 2008

  • new website goes live
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