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Calam is an Arthurian-inspired fantasy larp.

The system is rules-light and tailored towards creating an experience.

No interruptions, just play.

Welcome to the Calam website.

Our next event will be Calam XV - A New Hope.

Calam XV will take place from the 25th till the 27th of August 2017 in Haacht, Belgium. Booking for this event is OPEN

We will cook for all NPC's
Players will cook for themselves & will need to provide ingredients for their own cooking.
Drinks are of course still included for everyone in the price. Also extra's like dry saussages, apples, etc will still be available for everyone.

There won't be an IC building, but IC tents will first go to NPC's and then to players (first paid, first served basis).

Our heroes put an end to the Civil War, that was starting to devastate the Kingdom.

Now they are at the Demon Border. Will they enter in search for glory, lost comrades, ...? Or will they stay in the Calam Kingdom?

What will you decide?

Prices for this event are:

  • Players: 60 EURO
  • NPCs: 35 EURO (students get a 5 EURO discount)
Design by Nico Van Aerde & Jeremy Naus
Programming by Koen Rutten